January 3, 2017 Lumeah

You think it’s hard to photograph your child?

I hear this all the time.  I hear the frustration.  Before family sessions I often get the warning that it’ll be really difficult to capture a good photo because their child is always running away from the camera or pulling faces.

But do you know what?  It always works out.  I have my little secrets – a lot of games, little treats and truckloads of patience.  On Day in the Life sessions, if the kids are distracted by my camera I’ll just pop it away for a little while and hang out with them.  They quickly realise that they can just be themselves.

I love hanging out with kids and learning about their world.  Being able to give them all of my attention and showing so much interest means that I can easily gain their trust and they soon forget about the camera.


And do you want to know a secret?

It’s always so much harder to photograph your own child.  Trust me.

You have no idea what it took to get these two photos.  There were relentless giggles, there were pouts, there was a whole lot of rolling around on the floor – and that was just me!

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