April 5, 2017 Lumeah

What your single parent friends wish you would do… but don’t want to ask.

I’ve had a few sessions recently with single parents and they’ve all had a few things in common.

These have been incredibly strong people who are doing an amazing job at raising their children and performing all roles.  They want to give everything they can to the most important person in their life.  I can see how rewarding and challenging it is.  I feel humbled to be invited into their world.

Besides an incredibly strong tie with their child, they’ve all hinted at a sense of sorrow.  They have thousands of photos of their baby, but hardly any with them in them.

They have all commented on the fact that they missed out on those intimate images from the beginning that would typically be taken by a partner.  Those beautiful in-between moments, the kisses, the first feeds – in fact all the firsts.

They’ve all been surrounded by loved ones, but they tend not to pick up the camera and take those kinds of photos – and it can be a little hard to ask someone to do that for you, especially when what you would love is natural, candid photos.

Selfies and looking-into-the-camera-and-smile photos have their place, but they’re just not the same.  It’s the moments we want to remember.

These clients have contacted me because they have been drawn to the emotion in my images and the connection that they capture.  It feels so good to know that I’ve been able to give these moments to them.  We often forget how important it is for our children to have photos of their parents, but as parents trying to keep up with the everyday demands, we need a reminder sometimes to stop and appreciate those in-between moments.

So, this is my advice for you.  If you are with a friend and see a moment that makes you feel warm and happy, or say ‘awww’, pick up the closest camera or phone you can find and take a photo.  Ignore protests about messy hair, tired eyes and messy homes.  Just take the photo.

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