May 26, 2016 Lumeah

Life as it is – Documentary Family Session / Stockholm

What are the moments that you want to remember?

Of course the birthdays, Christmases and graduations will always be memorable.  But what about the little in-between moments?  As my kids are getting bigger and bigger by the second, it’s the candid moments of them doing seemingly unimportant things that make my heart skip a beat.  The ordinary moments that pass by so quickly and disappear into thin air at the end of each new phase of their lives.

It’s the little moments I never want to forget.

The feeling of their little hands in mine, their fingers curling through my hair, the way they basically sit on top of each other when they’re sitting on the couch – even though they’ve got heaps of space.  I want to remember the messy bed-hair, the Friday night sleepovers, even the tears and the fights that are such hard work when you’re stuck in the moment.  Life is totally imperfect and that’s what makes it what it is.  I want to remember the warts and everything, because I know it all changes so fast.

I love love love documentary sessions for all of these reasons.  I want to give everyone these memories.

Best of all, I love being able to get everyone in the picture – instead of Mum or Dad being stuck behind the camera.

There’s always one person who’s missing from the photos otherwise.

I joined one of my favourite families for an ordinary Sunday and captured so much sweetness.  No posing, no direction, just real life… as it is.

I think people often feel a bit hesitant because they wonder what on earth I could find interesting enough in their ‘everyday’ to take photos of.  But there is so much beauty in the simplest of moments.  I don’t think I was with this family for longer than two hours, but I took so many photos I just can’t share them all at once.  Keep an eye out for Part Two soon.

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