August 24, 2017 Lumeah

Family Mini-Session – Nyckelviken

I know it sounds weird and like a total cliché, but when I pick up my camera it feels like anything but work.  There are parts of this job that make me want to rip my hair out – bookkeeping, marketing, dealing with computers and file storage etc, but when I get to actually be a photographer it makes it all completely worth it.  It’s my happy place.

Already in the car on the way to Nyckelviken I could feel myself relaxing.  I have my session roughly planned out before I leave home, but I still try to arrive really early.  I spend the time strolling around, looking for new places to photograph and checking the light.

This family arrived and I knew we were going to have fun.  They were so sweet and funny!  We had half an hour together and we made the most of that time.  The littlest one had fallen asleep in the car and Mum and Dad whispered that it might be hard to get her into the mood.  This happens often and it’s not a bad thing at all.  Little ones always want lots of cuddles when they first wake up and it makes for the most beautiful photos.  I also love the looks I get from them in the beginning.  A little sleepy, a little concerned about what’s about to happen and very curious.  All while holding tight to Mum or Dad.  I have a lot of patience.  I’m not the bounciest when I wake up either, so I never rush little ones to do anything they’re not ready for.  It never takes too long though.

This one has the most caring big sisters who got her into the mood and it wasn’t too long before she was running and tickling them and giggling like crazy.

These sessions make me so happy.  I often meet parents who have wanted family photos for years, but keep putting it off.  Then all of a sudden, they blink and realise how fast time has slipped by.  You take summer holidays and spend more time together away from the stresses of work and the daily routine and everything becomes so obvious.  All of a sudden you realise their gestures have changed, you start having more grown-up conversations and they remind you more of a teenager than a toddler.  Don’t worry.  I know the feeling all too well.  It’s a wonderful time, but you can’t help but feel the pressure to make the most of every second.

So I love it when we can book in a session and photograph this stage in their life.  To freeze time and capture them just as they are, and as you are, right now.

Some very beautiful things come in mini sizes.

I’ve started offering mini-sessions, which I’m really excited about.  These sessions are 20-30 minutes and they are a perfect way to keep your family photos up to date – and a great excuse to spend some fun time together.  They cost 2500kr and include the session, five high-resolution digital negatives (30x40cm) and all the low-resolution digital negatives from the gallery (approx 20 images, printable to 10x15cm).  The photos look beautiful in an album and on the wall, so of course it’s possible to order beautiful products after the session.  At the moment I offer mini-sessions at Nyckelviken in Nacka and Stadshuset.  These are two of my favourite places to photograph.

So stop stressing about the photos piling up on your phone or computer that never get printed and let me take care of everything for you.  The best part?  You all get to be in the photos.

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