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A paradise for little booklovers in Mälarhöjden

There’s something exciting going on in Mälarhöjden, Stockholm, which I don’t think anyone with kids should miss.

One of the most inspiring women I know, poet Ilana Eleá, has created Bibliotek Barnstugan in her beautiful garden.  Every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, children and their families come along and dive into the world of literature.  Here’s an article written about it in Swedish.  Scroll all the way to the bottom for more links so you can find out more.

/ Det finns en ny, mysig mötesplats här i Stockholm, och om ni har barn vill ni inte missa det.  Min vän och poet, Ilana Eléa, har skapat Bibliotek Barnstugan i sin egna trädgård.  På onsdagar kl 16 kan barn komma dit, läsa, mysa och umgås.  Här hittar ni mer om den fina biblioteken.  Skrolla ner för att se bilderna från mitt besök och flera sätt att se mer om Bibliotek Barnstugan.

Bibliotek Barnstugan

The kids are free to choose books from the little cottage library.  You’ll find them in every corner of the garden, reading to themselves, snuggled up in groups reading with a parent, or reading together.

Bibliotek Barnstugan

Even the youngest kids look through the books together and chat about what they see.

Bibliotek BarnstuganBibliotek Barnstugan

Each child receives a library card with their name on it so they can borrow a book to read at home until the next visit.  They get to choose a sticker to put in their card and you should just see how much these cards are treasured.  It really means a lot to them.  After they read a book, they can write a review, letting future readers know what they thought.

Bibliotek Barnstugan Bibliotek BarnstuganBibliotek Barnstuganbarn Stockholmbarn Stockholm

As part of the afternoon, the kids are put together in small groups according to their age.  They disappear into their corner with Ilana or another parent to read a book and discuss it afterwards.

The work she has done to set this up is so inspiring.  Everyone had a smile on their face and there was such a great sense of community.  If you read my last blog post on finding my passion for reading again, you’ll understand why this means a lot to me and to see someone putting so much effort into giving kids the inspiration and opportunity to read and fall in love with books makes me so happy.

barn Stockholmbarn Stockholmbarn Stockholm barn Stockholmbarnbibliotek Stockholm barn Stockholm barn Stockholmbarn Stockholmbarn Stockholm

Read more about Bibliotek Barnstugan on their blog, Facebook page and Instagram.  Visitors need to sign up before each Wednesday and places fill up quite quickly.

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