August 16, 2016 Lumeah

A fresh start

Summer’s over.

It sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?  The end of the school holidays always comes with a sense och sorrow and panic as it hits me that before long the light will disappear and cold will arrive, but I’m sitting here with an overwhelming sense of calm and excitement.

I’m working on so many fun jobs at the moment and there are lots more coming up.  Our renovations are coming to an end, and I can already feel that we’re getting some kind of balance and harmony back.  We’ve needed it so desperately.  I’m working on my new office space and even though it’s a pretty empty shell right now, the change is giving me so much energy.

Besides all of that, I’m celebrating my one year anniversary working with Lumeah Photography on a full-time basis.

What a feeling!  I went into this with a feeling of ‘well, why not?’ and I am so glad I did.  The learning curve has been so much bigger than I had ever imagined.  I knew that running the business would take up a lot of my time, but oh my goodness.  The business books say that having a photography business means 20% taking photos, 80% everything else.  They’re not exaggerating.

I’ve learned so much.  More than anything I’ve learned (or I should say I’m learning – it’s a process) to ignore the little voice of doubt when it creeps in every now and then.  All the things that I had decided early on in my life that I was bad at, have been given another chance.  Whenever I think to myself ‘no, but I suck at that’ and just dismiss it, I force myself to wonder if that’s actually true or just a label that I’d given myself.

I don’t think I’ll ever love bookkeeping, but with a lot of help from certain very patient friends (you know who you are <3), I’m learning to hate it a little less.  My ultimate goal is to have someone take over all the administrative jobs that suck all the life out of me, so I can focus on doing more of what I love – creating art and memories, giving people moments and beautiful products to treasure and spending time with interesting people.  For now though, I’m on a mission to master it all.  One tax declaration form at a time.

So this new period is all about creativity, finding balance for myself and my family and re-establishing some kind of social life.  So what if it’s cold and dark.  There are warm clothes, candles and wine.


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Comments (4)

  1. Yay!

    Congratulations on your HUGE milestone, dear. *very loud claps*

    I knew you could do it, and you just keep making me do little star jumps when I see your work both on and behind the scenes.

    Um, what am I looking forward to?
    I’m looking forward to some good, lurvin’ harmony myself, actually!

    BRING IT ON!!!

    • Lumeah

      I can feel the zen! Hurrah!

      Thank you for your very sweet words and for your star jumps. You know your support means the world.

  2. I think you are doing great. Keep going.
    I will have tea with you in the winter and we can push each other to new levels on the business site 😉

    • Lumeah

      Thanks Birgit! You’re so sweet. I’m looking forward to lots of business catch – ups!

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