April 11, 2017 Lumeah

När en familjefotografering blir ett äventyr

I think I might have missed my calling in life.  Last summer I became the proud owner of a mini barbecue and I had no idea I’d be so excited about the possibilities that would open up for me.  No, I’m actually serious.

I imagined myself trekking in the wilderness, living off the land, kayaking and camping.  I had long grown sick of cooking and every day I’d dread the next meal I’d have to produce, but all of a sudden I was excited about it again – as long as I could barbecue it.  There were three-course meals, desserts, bread, cups of tea.  And the best part is that it didn’t matter if I messed it up, because as long as it was cooked outside on a barbecue I had a great excuse.  If it worked out, I felt like a warrior!  So, the trekking, kayaking and the rest of it hasn’t quite become a reality, but it will.

I’m not sure if it’s too late join the scouts, but I figure I can always wing it.

So when this wonderful, adventurous family contacted me about booking a new session in a place that is close to their hearts, I was thrilled.  This was my second session with them, and the second one near their summer cottage in Gnesta.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous when the map showed we were meeting in the middle of a forest, but I had faith in them.  I only got a bit lost and eventually found them, picnic basket packed and ready for an adventure.

This family is completely at home in the outdoors and wanted to take the opportunity to test out their new tent in preparation for an upcoming camping trip.  I knew we were a match made in heaven.

This is what a Day in the Life family session can look like – bare feet, adventures, cuddles, genuine smiles and belly laughs, no posing, no awkwardness.

I do have very limited availability this summer.  If you are thinking of booking a session, get in touch as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.  I can also tell you that I have a very exciting announcement to make soon regarding summer sessions, so stay tuned.

Så här kan en Day in the Life familjefotografering se ut – äventyr, mys, genuina leenden och skratt.  Inget falskt.

När jag kontaktades av den här underbara, äventyrliga familjen och de ville att jag skulle resa till Gnesta och möta dem nära deras sommarställe, blev jag överlycklig.  Jag som var så sugen på äventyr!  Vi promenerade genom skogen, fikade, plockade blåbär, hittade kantareller och myror, satt upp ett tält och tälde.  Det var helt underbart!

Deras album blev så fint att jag hade lite svårt att släppa det.  Det är sådana här bilder som jag vill att varje familj ska ha.

Jag har begränsade tider för fotograferingar i sommar, så om du funderar på att boka en fotografering, hör av er så snart som möjligt.

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